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                  “Darren helped me transition my brick and mortar store into an online presence. I can’t thank him enough for helping me refine by brand and find my niche online.

                  Denise McDonald

                  Ka Pai Jewelry Boutique

                  “Darren is a consummate professional and a rare gem in the crowded Internet marketing world. As a newbie, Darren’s course was key in helping me pick the perfect niche and business model.”

                  Sogo Adeleke

                  “I got my first 100 orders after taking Darren’s advice! As a private label startup brand it’s hard to figure out how to get results from the money we spend.”

                  Haylee Perez

                  Vida Soap

                  “Darren is one of the best internet marketers that I’ve ever met.”

                  Eddie Machaalani

                  Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of BigCommerce

                  “Darren’s ability to teach internet marketing is unparalleled.”

                  Vikas Rijsinghani

                  Senior Executive President of Online Marketing at Web.com

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